Does anyone really know what all the fuss is about Daylight Savings Time?  So many stories about how the farmers needed the extra hour of Daylight to be able to harvest more, but is that the real reason why we still recognize Daylight Savings Time?

One of the earliest prominent backers of daylight saving was Abraham Lincoln Filene suggests that the local Chambers of Commerce were and are still the biggest proponents for Daylight Savings Time, and I really can't say that I disagree with him.

"They understood something very early on: If you give workers daylight, when they leave their jobs, they are much more apt to stop and shop on their way home."

change to standard time

I for one, know that I like it being light when I get off work.  Whether it's to run errands, or to take my pups for a walk, or just enjoy the early evening after work sitting on our back deck watching the sun go down, I like the fact that it's still daylight when I get off work.

After we fall back (turning clocks back one hour and resuming regular time), it just seems wrong that I'll come to work in the dark and go home in the dark.  That's just too much darkness for a day.

Oklahoma is one of many states that would like to do away with time changes altogether and just stay with one time year-round.  Not even sure at this point how that would even work.  Do we keep Regular time or Daylight Saving Time?  Here's on theory on fixing Daylight Saving Time.

Ready or not, the time is going to change back this Sunday morning at 2 am.  Or, if you are like me, it will be as easy to change all of the clocks on Sunday when I wake up since our cell phones change automatically.  I can tell you, I am already tired on Monday.

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