This video showcasing Battlefield 4's Premium content has given us an official first-look at both the Dragon's Teeth expansion and the last major piece of downloadable content, Final Stand.

DICE has presented a new video depicting the services offered by having a Battlefield 4 Premium membership. The video goes into the details of previous downloadable content expansions, such as the China Rising, Second Assault and Naval Strike DLCs. It also gives us some gameplay footage of the upcoming Dragon's Teeth DLC, especially of that sweet Ballistic Shield. More importantly, it unveils the final major expansion coming to Battlefield 4, Final Stand, with its unmanned, MKV flying chaingun.

While no sort of release date has been set for the Dragon's Teeth DLC expansion, we have a feeling it will be dropping sometime within the next two months. For a quick look at what Dragon's Teeth could potentially be offering, check out these leaked details.