For whatever reason, my reluctance to decorate my home or office for Christmas has earned me a reputation of being a Grinch. A narrative I don't believe fits, I just don't see the point of putting in so much work just to undo all of it later.

If you've never met Jeri Anderson from KLAW101, she is Christmas incarnate. She does 99% off all the decorating at the office, and she outdoes herself year after year. No lie, there are currently thirteen Christmas trees scattered throughout the building, a dozen snowmen, and at least half a dozen various other holiday pieces of decor.

Normally, I hang a set of homemade shotgun shell lights up in the studio window, but I just never got around to it. I've been pretty busy every single evening for the last six weeks or so making presents in the shop, ain't nobody got time for decor.

Additionally, I have no kiddos at home to decorate for, so why would I elect to spew Christmas all over my comfortable, quiet, 100% mancave home/fortress of solitude?

The fact that you have to take it all down after the holiday is the main reason I never put anything up in the first place. Not for a lack of trying though... I can't tell you how many Christmas-themed things I've been gifted over the years from Jeri, my own mom, various other people, etc...

If I had some kids, I'd probably feel differently about it, but I don't... so no decorating for me for any holiday... does that really make me a Grinch?

The Grinch hated people, so he hated Christmas as an extension of people. I don't hate people and whether a person has decorated for one event or another has to effect on me. I actually like seeing homes with Christmas lights on them.... decorated trees through living room windows... the blow-up decor is a little too trailer-park-ish personally, but it's only because I grew up next to three generations of people that packed their front yards full of them every December, and as someone that grew up trailer-park, I can totally say that with impunity.

If you decorated for Christmas, tell me... would you have gone to the extent you did if you didn't have any kids or planned company to see it?  Would you have done less? Would you have skipped it all in the first place? Tell the truth, it's just us and we're all human.

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