This may be the cruelest breakup story you'll ever hear.

Instagram user @cjkarl11 has torn down a social media barrier by dumping his girlfriend via Instagram. Rumored to be a high school student, he's the Lewis and Clark of 21st century courtship.

He did it as part of the #TransformationTuesday, which, until now, was reserved for showing off before-and-after shots. This dude decided to do that by showing a picture with his now ex-girlfriend alongside the same photo with her cropped out.

This public humiliation he subjected the poor girl to has actually worked out for him. Not only did he discard her like an old soda can, but he's pretty proud of how others have responded, noting he's been inundated with requests on Twitter:

His ex, meanwhile, had to erase all her social media accounts. We're guessing she won't be back until she's ready to launch a Tinder profile.

Let's hope this fella enjoys this while he can. Karma has a way of kicking you in the butt when you least expect it. So, when his new girlfriend announces she's leaving him on the Jumbotron at halftime of a televised NFL Thanksgiving game, no one will be able to say they're surprised.

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