If the recession and rampant inflation have you looking to stay closer to home this year, you might want to consider spending the Christmas weekend at Disney, Oklahoma.

What is Disney? It's a unique little outdoorsy place up around Grand Lake that will likely be mostly empty and totally fitting for a family holiday weekend.

Camping? Check. Entertainment? Check. Hogan's Off-Road 4x4, ATV, Motorcycle, and Side-by-side Adventure Park? Check! If your family loves the outdoors and you're wanting to have a truly unique experience, Disney is where you'll find it in Oklahoma.

Honestly, if you're in that "Rednecks with Paychecks" kind of club, Disney's off-road park is THE place to take your rig in the Sooner State. It also has trails mild enough for the whiskey-throttling newbs to have a little fun.

If pitching a tent isn't for you, no worries. It's Grand Lake, there are plenty of RV spaces and cabins for rent. With meteorologists already predicting a snowy christmas, it has the potential to be the most memorable holiday for the whole family.

If your family is a little more on the suburban city side of life, Tulsa and Joplin are equal distance away, give or take 60 miles... Close enough to have a day trip into town to get your modern fix and a fancy meal.

If it sounds good, start Googling places to stay and book ASAP... While the odds of there being more than a family or two there is slim, there's no sense in waiting til the last minute.

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