So I'm going through a normal Monday morning... playing some tunes, wasting time on the web... and I've run across a weird page on the net devoted to everything 'Friends.' Everything from fan-fiction to cut-up and mixed episodes. The thing that caught my eye was the video below, the 'Friends' theme but the clapping doesn't stop... which lead me to the Disturbed version above. How can you resist not hitting play, right?

After hearing that awesomeness, I thought "Why don't more big acts perform themes?" Surely it's not a money thing, Kenny Loggins was everywhere in the 80's and he's only worth some $20million these days. I mean, other than Ozzy, Primus, Barenaked Ladies, and Cheap Trick, there's really no one 'scoring' TV shows out there.

I guess the real money comes from the film industry. Can you imagine Transformers without a Linkin Park track? Rocky without 'Eye of the Tiger'? Or Beverly Hills Cop without that synthesized Axel F track? (Harold Faltermeyer if you're need a trivia point) I have no idea how much licensing a track like that would be on a billion dollar movie, but it can't be cheap right?

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