It's only June 24th and I've already seen about a dozen of those shared posts on social media talking about how we should avoid popping fireworks due to the chance we might inadvertently trigger the PTSD of our nation's heroes. While it's understandable that this could and probably has happened, is it a relevant concern in Lawton, Oklahoma?

I understand that Lawton being a lifetime military town, we have our fair share of veterans in the community... but do fireworks really present a clear and present danger to their well-being?

The only reason I ask is that Fort Sill is the home of America's field artillery... There's random booming going off all hour of the night year-round. How is one extra night of smaller "arms" spent celebrating their accomplishments and the independence of the greatest nation on earth the line that needs to be drawn in the sand?

I don't mean to sound insensitive to those who have served our country, but as veterans live in every community in the country, wouldn't Lawton be the most appropriate place to celebrate with fireworks due to the constant loud shelling at Fort Sill? Aren't most people so used to it that they hardly hear it anymore?

I know most people point to the fact that fireworks are illegal to use inside Lawton city limits, but I know we all get down in West Lawton as if we were at the Battle of Yorktown. One of my veteran neighbors goes all out for the fourth too, which I really enjoy because I get to sit on my patio and celebrate all the same without burning up my money in the air.

Just as you can't generalize any one group of humans, I'm sure there are probably some that have a legitimate anxious response to America's celebration of freedom, but there's no way to avoid it. We can post and share as many bleeding-heart virtue-signaling memes as we want, some people aren't going to let it rain on their freedom parade. Perhaps it would be easier for these individuals to figure out their own solutions...

Take a trip, go stay in a B&B, pop in some earplugs but not the 3M kind that was proven to not protect our military members hearing while they were in service. When I lived in an apartment, I had wireless headphones to drown out my neighbors' terribly loud children so I could enjoy a little peace and quiet. It really seems the responsibility here belongs to the few instead of the many, especially on the one holiday each year that celebrates every American.

Then again, I may just be selfish and not thinking of others. As the needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few, I can't tell at this point.

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