The Fourth of July came and went two-fold across some parts of Oklahoma yesterday.

Locally in Southwest OK, it was mostly clear skies, brutally hot temps, and even higher indices until it wasn't. A wild and windy storm rolled through within moments of the weather notifications, and it stormed like a monsoon for a bit.

Similar weather scenarios happened all across Southern Oklahoma last night, but it didn't damper anyone's celebration. Or rather, the rain really eased the concerns of our part of the state burning down... but one portion of the Sooner State had the most "Oklahoma" Fourth of July imaginable, with a tornado during the fireworks.

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Now I will admit, I must have watched this a dozen times thinking "That's not a tornado," but after a quick Google, this could have been totally legit. Parts of Oklahoma experienced all sorts of severe weather last night. 80+ MPH winds, torrential downpours, I guess a tornado wouldn't be out of the question.

Even though it looks more like a microburst, it has that pure Oklahoma spirit.

Odd and Unbelievable Tornado Facts

As far as we've come in the technology surrounding severe weather and tornadoes, there's still a massive amount science still doesn't understand. Yes, there is a generally agreed idea of how they begin, the conditions needed, and the usual atmospheric conditions, but twisters are still wildly unpredictable. Even more fascinating are the strange and almost terrifying facts about these powerful displays of nature.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Tornado Records from Around the Country

With tornadoes on our minds the last few days, I started to wonder about many of the tornado records. How many in one day, biggest outbreak, strongest tornado in history, etc... While we all feel Oklahoma is the home of terrible tornadoes, the stats are somewhat surprising.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

The Ten Most Tornado-Prone Counties in America

When it comes to the topic of tornadoes, Oklahoma is universally known around the world for producing some of the biggest, including the last F6 ever measured... but it'd probably surprise most Okies that the Sooner State doesn't even crack the top five of the most tornado-prone counties in America.

Gallery Credit: Kelso


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