Before you hop off on an email war to let me know Cyril is awesome, let me explain... So I was off on a journey this weekend that took me to Chickasha and Anadarko. I was picking up some wood and a new shop tool, all-in-all, an exciting weekend in my dull household. But as I started to leave Anadarko, I decided to just pull up Google Maps and let it take me home. I've made that drive only once before, and in taking bad advice from one of those 'I glanced at the map' navigator co-pilots, it took a few hours. I was just looking for a quick way home.

Google suggests hopping onto OK Highway 8 South out of Anadarko. No problem. It's new territory for me, but I'm an adventurous guy, or so I thought. I know the map pretty well, and I may be peeking at what's coming next, but after miles of two lane hi-beam driving, I see a turn in the highway, but Google is telling me to stay straight. I can see the lights of Cyril, and quite frankly, I'm mildly excited to actually drive through it, but for some reason, Google puts me on County Road 2670. Trusting Google, I stay straight and hop off into some shenanigans.

Now don't get me wrong, if the sun were up, I'm sure I could see the SWOK beauty and grace to each side of County Road 2670... but in the dead of night, it's more or less Burt Reynolds and a river short of Deliverance. I'm wondering why in the world Google is leading me astray.

I finally get to another road that had decent pavement, it's another state highway, OK-19. Still, Google Maps insists that I cross OK-19 and stay straight, so I do. It's late, dark, I'm tired, and I can see two police vehicles winking cherries and berries down the road... so I cross and stay straight on County Road 2670.

Much to my surprise, South of OK-19, CR2670 is actually nice. It's paved wide and smooth, well marked, and a delight to go way too fast on. I was almost distracted from the fact that Google Maps lead me around Cyril instead of just going through it. Given, it would have been a few miles out of the way, but at least I wouldn't have had to drive through what I'm assuming was bat country behind me, sensitive to the sounds of banjos.

I ended up merging on to 277 in Fletcher, first time being their too, and onward towards Elgin, you can see the rest of the journey at this point. While I was happy to get home after a few hours on the road, I couldn't help but wonder, what does Google Maps have against Cyril, Oklahoma? I was so close, but it would have none of it. Honestly, if I lived in Cyril, I'd get the town involved in a letter writing campaign to Google.

I don't know when, but I'm sure I'll eventually get back up to Cyril, OK. If it's like every other small town down here, it'll be worth the drive.


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