Someone is in bigly trouble.

Police in Germany have seized roughly 5,000 ecstasy pills that are in the image of Donald Trump. And because they look like the president, it should be no surprise they are orange, the color many people say his skin most resembles.

Authorities arrested a man, 51, and his 17-year-old son from Austria after finding the drugs, valued at $46,000, in the back of their van during a routine traffic stop while they were traveling from the Netherlands.

"One side of the tablets shows Mr Trump's face and exuberant hairstyle while the president's surname is written on the reverse," reports the BBC.

Trump supporters will say these glorified drug runners are in business because the president is doing his part boosting the global economy while his detractors will argue that this will give him reason to institute a travel ban to Germany, even though he's not commander-in-chief of Europe.

Whatever people have to say, one thing is clear: this is pretty ridiculous. Let's just hope no one got their mitts on these pills, lest it make them do something stupid, like, oh, say, look directly at the sun during an eclipse.

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