In today's bizarre news, we have a report from South Korea newspaper Chosun Ilbo that claims President Donald Trump has gifted North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un a CD with Elton John's iconic "Rocket Man" song on it. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly delivered the disc while in North Korea on Thursday.

According to a "source in Washington," the song had been a previous topic of conversation between Trump and Kim. Apparently, Kim admitted to having never heard the song before, which is likely what prompted Trump to make the gesture.

The Donald has referred to Kim as "Rocket Man" before, such as when he spoke at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama last September. "'Rocket Man' should've been handled a long time ago," he said to a round of applause from the audience. Apparently the reference stuck.

It is unclear whether the CD was a copy of the "Rocket Man" single, or the 1972 album it originally appeared on, Honky Château, or on one of Elton's many greatest-hits compilations.

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