Cell phones can do many things these days, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one that also satisfies your nicotine craving.

Britain's Sun newspaper reports a drunk driver in Russia pulled over by police tried to make a call with a pack of cigarettes he thought was a cell phone.

Cops pulled over the would-be Marlboro Man after noticing he was driving erratically. When they stopped his vehicle, the man pretended his hand was a cell phone and he began trying to yak away.

When the driver correctly realized his hand does not have any sort of 3G capability, he reached into his pocket and scooped out a pack of cigarettes, which he proceeded to treat like the newest iPhone by calling a friend to ask for help.

Cops, meanwhile, stood by watching in disbelief. Eventually, the driver wrapped up his pseudo-conversation by telling the imaginary person on the line to "just deal with the situation." He then hung up before passing out.

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