We’ve all been there, had a few too many with our pals and ending up doing something stupid or regrettable. However, have any of you ever serenaded your pet while under the influence of adult beverages? Watch the bizarre video!A video was recently uploaded to YouTube by a user named bard55. The video contained footage of a man serenading his cat to the tune of “Kiss From A Rose,” a Seal classic.  The kitty couldn’t get free from the lovely drunk tune as the man embraced her for nearly one-minute.

Attached to the video was a quote saying, “I was drunk. Please don’t sue me.” The footage has already gone viral and appeared on BuzzFeed and Reddit, where users are amused that he could remembered the lyrics and carry on as he did.

Nothing illegal was done during the making of this video, just a kitten who may not be so friendly the next time he tries to make nice. It leaves us wondering, what is the dumbest thing you have done while drinking? If it start’s with, “hold my beer and watch this…” we are dying to know!



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