Whether you’re a devout church-goer or just someone who enjoys hunting for eggs way too much, there is one Easter tradition that can bring all of humanity together: Marshmallow Peeps. These colorful blobs of gooey, cute deliciousness have stolen the hearts and minds of every future diabetic.

They are so cute and cuddly that we just can’t resist squeezing them until their sugary eyes pop right out of their heads, burning them in a giant blue flash or (most popular) watching them become bigger and cuter in the microwave until they just explode right before our teary eyes.

1. Mega Microwave vs. Marshmallow Peep

When one wasteful Peep owner found that putting these cute bundles of glucose in the microwave actually expanded them, the entire internet joined in the fun. Turns out the expansion is caused by the air molecules that begin to rapidly move as the sugary treat heats up, bumping up against the walls of the Peep and stretching its size. Then when it cools, it begins to shrink and deflate.

Dane Boe, creator of the ‘Annoying Orange‘ web series, decided to take this experiment to a new level by sticking one in a super, high-powered, nuclear grade microwave. The results may very well have cost him his apartment deposit.

2. Four Peeps Enter, One Peep Leaves

The Peeps in this office microwave aren’t just fighting for their very survival– they are fighting for their honor. The Baltimore Sun pitted four different colored Peeps against each other in a microwave battle “Final Four” style where the last one to explode was the winner. Apparently, there was no news to cover that day, which is surprising for a town that was the basis for HBO’s ‘The Wire.’

3. A Long Time Ago, in a Microwave Far, Far Away…

The internet has more than its fair share of videos of Peeps exploding in the microwave and ‘Star Wars’ parodies. So to save us a little time, someone finally found a way to combine the two into one awesome battle between the light yellow and the dark purple sides of “The Force.”

4. She Blinded Me…With Peeps!

The folks at the Smithsonian Institute decided to take “Peep jousting” to another level by asking if stale or fresh Peeps make better combatants in the “Microwave Arena.” Is there anything better than watching total destruction and mayhem being committed in the name of understanding science?

5. ‘Mortal Kombat’ With Peeps

These creative YouTube posters found a way to turn Peeps competing to the death in the microwave into a ‘Mortal Kombat’ parody. With all these “Peep jousting” videos, it’s a wonder that underground “Peep Fight Clubs” haven’t popped up. The first rule of “Peep Fight Club” is that you don’t talk about “Peep Fight Club.”

6. Flushed Away

The ‘Will it Blend?’ video series opened up a whole new line of retail marketing for appliances and housewares. The people behind the MetacraftHET toilet took this popular series to heart with their own super flusher that has engulfed everything from 40 golf balls to more than 5 pounds of gummie bears. They also used some Peeps to put their toilet of terror to the ultimate test.

7. Peeps in a Pump

The first person to put Peeps in a microwave might not have known what was going to happen to the sugary little bundles of joy, but any armchair physicist could tell you what happens to them in the vacuum of space. A high school physics teacher put Peeps to the test by putting one in a completely airless environment. What did this teach us? The only thing we could think of is to leave the Peeps in your locker on Earth if you’re ever going to fly into space.

8. This Peep Blew Up Real Good!

There are few things greater than watching a marshmallow fowl explode right before your very eyes. One of them is watching a whole mess of the little buggers explode right before your very eyes. These microwaving experts found a way to improve the explosion: by nuking them all at once while they were still in their packaging.

9. But This Peep Done Blown Up Real Gooder!

Of course, the most effective way to blow anything up is just stick some highly explosive chemicals into something, light the fuse and run away as if you’re a kid chasing down the ice cream man. These kids put an M-80 stick in a pink fluffy Peep and watched the magic happen.

10. The Many Ways to Kill a Peep

There are more than just 10 ways to kill a Marshmallow Peep and we couldn’t even crack half of the list in just one blog post. Thankfully someone on the Internet has managed to combine the more destructive and fun ways to off a Peep in one easy to watch video.

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