LETA (Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority) just announced the return of the "Yard of the Month" contest. It's your shot at scoring not only some FREE CASH but bragging rights! The contest will run from April 1st through October 31st. You can nominate your neighbors, friends and family for the "Yard of the Month" award and every month throughout the Spring/Summer a new winner will be selected and announced. The winner will receive a $100 gift card and of course bragging rights. I know of several deserving people for this award who's lawns and landscaping are beyond incredible, they're immaculate.

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Now that Spring is officially here and we're starting to see warmer temperatures outdoors it's time to get back in the yard and get things looking good. I spent most of the weekend in the yard mowing, weed eating and raking up what little leaves I had left in the yard from Winter. I enjoy taking care of the lawn and landscaping, I'm not that good at it, but it's relaxing and the end result is something you can be proud of. I'm a long ways away from winning "Yard of the Month" but with each passing weekend my yard is getting better.

So be on the look out for yards that you can nominate for the YOM award. To nominate someone all you have to do is take a quick picture or two and submit them by emailing tiffany.vrska@lawtonok.gov Include the person's name and address along with their phone number if you have it. Then they'll be entered into the contest. For all the details see the official press release from LETA below:


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