Out of the oven and into the fire is the theme of the day. If you walked outside this morning and mentally noted the sticky conditions, Spring has sprung across Oklahoma with a major threat of severe weather. Particularly for Eastern Oklahoma.

While it appeared we might all skirt the incredible destruction we saw in Kansas yesterday, it was just delaying the inevitable for the Sooner State.

Since we're all collectively 'President' of the Severe Weather Club, it's time to shine in the face of impending doom. The Oklahoma Mesonet upgraded us to a significant status in terms of big tornado threats.

While tornadoes make headlines sizzle, the real star of the show is likely going to be very big hail. Those big stones have been a theme across Oklahoma for the last few years, dropping incredibly large chunks of ice across a very big portion of the state year after year.

Today's forecast is one we don't usually see until late April and May, but Mother Nature rarely keeps a tidy schedule.

If anything, keep an eye on your local weather as we roll through the day. It's going to get extreme.

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