The year was 1999. I was a sophomore in high school, but I had a math class with a bunch of Juniors because I'm pretty good at maths. In that class was my instant new buddy whose name I cannot remember, but the conversations were deep and meaningful. We constantly argued about who was the greatest guitar player in the world, Eddie Van Halen or Dimebag Darrels Abbott?

True enough, they were two greats from two different points in time and rock genres, but talent is talent. I always argued that EVH was the greatest of his generation, and if he could still sling that Peavy around in the 90's, it wouldn't be a contest at all. It was really more or less to get a rise out of him. Pushing buttons is one of those particular skills I fail to mention on my resume, but I'm pretty good at that too.

While we never came to agree, because the two are apples and weed, the conversations were memorable. Nobody could touch EVH in his prime just as nobody could step to DD in his.

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