I know we've had too much rain this week. I know flooding has been a real problem for so many people here, and I know there's more rain in the forecast... but have you seen the extended temperature outlook? Upper seventies and mid-eighties for the foreseeable future! That's the summer we had last year, and while we did have a really hot period of two or three weeks, it was mostly cool and comfortable.

Of course, the mild summer we had last year was entirely attributed to the wildfires on the left coast. With so much ash and particulate in the air, it provided a cooling effect for America's bread basket. Had we known that's all it took, I'm sure someone would have set fire to that coast a long time ago because being able to mow without sweating and getting zapped in that usual heat is an awesome thing... but the low summer temps aren't without their own problems.

First off, my mother complains about the temperature of the pool. She likes it almost bathtub like around 88-90 degrees - AKA - too warm to refresh you on a hot day. I like a pool around 80-82, cold enough to cool you off without making you shiver. It's a bummer for her because she'll have to run the heater to get it comfortable for her, and that means even more money for that precious electricity.

Second problem, it's not hot enough to keep the house cool at night. I know that doesn't sound correct as you read it, but there's a method to the madness. Like many, my home is on a smart thermostat with the power hour whatever cheaper rate program the electric company offers. My air conditioner won't run between their peak rate hours at all, so I don't mind the extra time it takes to catch up later on. Usually I make the five degree change after 7pm in about an hour and a half. But when it's not hot overnight, my AC won't cycle as often which leads to me being hot under those stuffy covers. I had the HVAC company set my house up to where most of the rooms receive the same amount of forced air. That's how you create a comfortable whole-house comfort zone... except in the master bedroom. That duct blows a little more air than the rest, so while the thermostat keeps the house at a comfortable 71, my bedroom will be closer to 68-69 overnight, which means I sleep like a junkie. Since it's not hot overnight right now, I have to manually change that thermostat, and even though I do if from my phone, it's still a PITA.

First world problems, I'm aware. The point being, appreciate these reasonable temperatures while they're here for the next week or so. Before too long, it's going to be miserable again.

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