Adult film star Coco Brown has a wild fantasy; a private Dutch company is making it a reality. Brown, 32, who has been in several adult movies with silly titles, will become the first adult film star in space in the spring of 2014 (unless there's a Super 8 of Buzz Aldrin out there that we don't know about).

Here's a (completely safe for work) video of Brown doing astronaut training:

Yeah. Those dudes in astronaut camp are having waaaaaay too much fun passing Coco Brown back and forth in that video.

Brown reportedly paid £64,000 — more than $100,000 — for the opportunity to go to space. Interesting twist that she's paying big money to get off (Earth), as opposed to being the recipient of the cash. Brown indicated that she won't get wild in space, because it's too difficult to hook up at zero gravity. Still, there can't be that many, um, members of the 62-mile high club and she is adventurous. Maybe there's a Wookiee looking for nookie?

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