WWE newcomers Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman will be among the women featured on "Total Divas," the wrestling organization's new reality show set to air on E! this summer. Marie and Offerman will join five current WWE Divas: Nattie Neidhart, The Bella Twins, and The Funkadactyls. "Total Divas" began filming the week before WrestleMania 29, which means it will kick-off with the drama surrounding four of the ladies being bumped off the show.

“We are excited to work with E! on the launch of ‘Total Divas,’ a series that will showcase the professional and personal lives of WWE’s multi-talented female performers,” WWE Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn said. “There is no series on the air that can rival the charm, beauty, larger than life personalities, drama and glamour that this show will deliver.”

Adding two brand new Divas to the WWE mix provides a wild card dimension to the show. Will these ladies be endearing, or will they be what we've all come to expect from reality TV stars? Coming up in the wrestling business is no joke, so we'll be seeing them face a lot of adversity. In the end, if Eva Marie or Jo-Jo Offerman are seriously committed, "Total Divas" could get them over with the crowd in a whole new way.

WWE has a long history of reality shows, as they have done various iterations of "Tough Enough". It seems "Total Divas" will be more in-depth with WWE's locker room, which wrestling fans should love. E! and WWE have what I assume will be a huge hit on their hands. If this goes well enough, perhaps we'll get a WWE Superstar-centric spin-off.

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