Last year I shared with you a bunch of Okie-isms that are pretty unique to the Sooner State, and y'all weren't shy about sharing your own with me.

Like everything does on social media, the comment chains were full of people playing a game of one-up with their own local verbiage.

I come from a pretty big family that stayed rather close to home for most of their lives. I've had the privilege of spending time with many of them born in the Greatest Generation (1901-1927), Silent Generation (1928-1945), and Baby Boomers (1946-1964) most of which I attribute most of these Okie-isms to.

In many cases, it's like a whole other language.

More Oklahoma Phrases That Stump Non-Okies

Depending on how old you are and how big your hometown is, these Oklahoma phrases will be either really familiar or not at all. If you're seeing and hearing these for the first time, add them to your vocabulary. As Okies die, move away, and non-Okies move in, these words are disappearing from the Oklahoma dialect.

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16 Oklahoma Phrases That Would Stump Out-of-Towners

Every state seems to have its own way of talking. Here are a few of the more common phrases that'll have you wondering what Okies are saying.

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Weird Oklahoma Dust Bowl Recipes To Stretch Your Budget

With grocery bills growing, take a page out of the most thrifty generation of Oklahomans. These Depression Era Dust Bowl recipes are easy on the wallet, delicious, and filling. You'll be amazed how much free food grows in your neighborhood.

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