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Team - $60/ Individual $15

Additional Information

Prepare for War! Returning to Laugh Out Loud, on Saturday, July 14th, all gamers are invited to our second Call of Duty Tournament. This time we are playing MW3! All players both novice and professional are encouraged to register! We are giving away awesome prizes.


Whether you run with a team or play alone -  we got you covered. The tournament will feature 4v4 team competition and objective game modes i.e. Capture the Flags and Search and Destroy as well as 3v3 Free for All.

We will have awesome prizes for the winners. The event is going to start at 12 p.m. on Saturday and ends at 9 p.m. and on Sunday we will pick up the event at 12 p.m. and run it until the winners are declared.

Our tournament will be based on the Standard MLG Rules and read our Official Rules. Please note that you are required to bring your own corded Xbox 360 controller and headsets. ** THIS IS A PG-13 EVENT. Also MW3 is rated 'M' for mature, which means that if you are under the age of 18 years old we will required a parent consent form filled out before you can play!