You know, in terms of pets, I thought I had seen it all. I dated a girl that had a pet raccoon. I've known a guy with a pet badger. I've even played fetch with another buddies pet bobcat. It acts more like a big dumb dog than a deadly wild feline that could easily eat your face as you sleep... but I've never seen a pet goose. Especially one that was so welcome and well behaved in public.

Full disclosure, the orange vest might have people thinking it's a service animal, and I really don't want to compromise my YouTube suggestions by diving too deep in the channel.

George the Pet Goose and CraZbob are two of a kind. Kindred spirits if you will. This particular video was apparently shot for a cause, the description mentioned Dodo, but there's no confirmation if it's the Dodo that puts sappy crap videos your mom can't help but share on Facebook.

Either way, it's sort of wild to see a man and his obedient pet goose.

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