As a kid, did you ever get excited to buy snakes because they're dirt cheap and you get to light them on fire? It's like a parents dream from the fireworks stand. They cost nothing, they don't sparkle so they're relatively safe for the kiddos, and cleanup is ridiculously easy. So, show of hands... Who remembers the disappointment of lighting their first snake as a kid?

I remember faking interest in it so I could at least provide my parents the satisfaction of my appreciation. Kind of like when you open the socks on christmas morning... But all the same, by the time you understand lighting them all at once would be more entertaining, it's kind of a cheap thrill for the holiday. So naturally, you're next step is to plan a massive cake of snakes for next Summer... but odds are, if you're like me, you always forgot or became distracted when you spotted the rockets and mortars.

Luckily, this guy made his childhood dream come true, amassing just over 4,200 snakes just to science the crap out of it. Having now seen it, I'm glad I never followed through on that urge.

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