Before I hop into an epic tale of 'Merica, first and foremost, popping off fireworks inside Lawton city limits is illegal and strictly prohibited... but that doesn't stop Lawtonians from doing it.

Every year the city goes through a series of warnings and announcements about such illicit activities, but every year fireworks sound off across the city in the most appropriate way of celebrating our independence, in defiance of authority.

God bless America!

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The reason our local government doesn't want us to pop fireworks isn't because they're all a bunch of anti-American commies, it's more to do with the limited resources to deal with accidentally lit fires.

We have a shockingly low, limited amount of fire and police on duty at any given time, even more so on holidays (probably). That mortar you want to light off to keep Fort Sill awake for once might look pretty, but as hot and dry conditions are the norm for our part of the state, little embers become giant blazes in no time at all.

Even so, it doesn't stop any of us from having our American fun. I go down the block to my neighbor's house. He always puts on a good fireworks display each year in the front yard. It's worry-free too since he's a Lawton

Where can I light off fireworks 100% legally?

It sure beats me. I know Lawton used to allow fireworks in some public area out at one of the lakes, but neither I nor anybody at Z94 can quite remember the last time Lawton allowed it. Probably before the pandemic craziness.

You could always go to one of the pro-freedom smaller towns around Southwest Oklahoma. They don't tend to sacrifice liberty for the sake of safety.

If you don't have a friend that lives in the country, make one. There are also a handful of farmers that charge a small fee to let people light fireworks on their farms. Check the Facebook pages for that, you'll find it.

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