It took awhile after the weather delays yesterday afternoon for things to improve so we could resume rocking. After festival organizers gave the "All Clear" Falling In Reverse took to the Renegade Stage for their set here at Rocklahoma 2021. The sun was just about down when they started and we finally started cooling off some thanks to Mother Nature. After the short weather break people we're ready to jump back into the action and Falling In Reverse delivered in spades. The crowd immediately re-entered the gates and made their way to the Renegade Stage for an EPIC performance from Falling In Reverse and re-kick off of ROK21.


Rocklahoma festival organizers did an amazing job of quickly re-working the schedule after the weather delay. They immediately started filling slots and times on all three stages so we wouldn't miss any of the bands on the line-up. I can't imagine the shuffle that took place behind scenes but they made it look easy. We also had to re-work our broadcast and online coverage schedule, but it all worked out in the end. We wanted to get these pictures posted last night, but were kept busy running between stages.

If you missed Falling In Reverse here at Rocklahoma they have a few more festival dates coming up. They'll be at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest on (09-12-21) then Welcome to Rockville on (11-14-21). There's plenty of dates open between the two so we could be seeing them again in OKC, Tulsa or the Metro-Plex. Check out the gallery below of Falling In Reverse live on the Renegade Stage at Rocklahoma 2021.


Falling In Reverse live at Rocklahoma 2021

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