These new videos of Final Fantasy Explorers feature the Knight, Monk and Black Mage classes in action.

Siliconera reports that these three new videos depict some very familiar character classes from the Final Fantasy series. The Monk, Knight and Black Mage are some of the more simple classes in the games, ultimately building up and opening the door for more advanced jobs, such as the Ninja, Dark Knight and Summoner. Nevertheless, it's still great to see the basic classes of Final Fantasy Explorers in action.

The Knight acts as the main tank, while the Monk will be as a glass-cannon on the front lines of offense. Just as long as the tank is holding aggro on the monster, you'll be fine. The Black Mage will be further in back, even more defenseless than the Monk, nuking the enemies from afar with its trademark spells. Just remember, you can't move while you're casting, and Explorers' combat is much more movement and action-oriented than previous entries of the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy Explorers launches on Dec. 18 in Japan. Taking into account how long it takes for the average Square Enix RPG to get translated and shipped, we're guesstimating that Explorers' will have a North American release sometime in the early spring of 2015.

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