While I'm sure alcohol was involved after all no sober, sane person thinks it's a good ideal to light an artillery shell in your garage with all the doors shut and locked. Well that's not entirely true, I think it's a GREAT IDEAL! These guys get a lot more than they expected. For your safety and the safety of others follow fireworks 101 and don't this, but if you do please get it on video! After all what's the point unless there's proof and bonus points for injuries sustained.

Even though this year's Fourth of July is somewhat tainted with the COVID-19 pandemic and all the other crazy stuff that we've been going through the past several months, there's still gonna be FIREWORKS! In my honest, humble, non-biased opinion we need them now more than ever, that along with grilling out and a chance to cut loose, responsibly of course. We can still enjoy our Independence while combating COVID-19.

I for one will not stand by and allow a Fourth of July to come and go without the strong possibility of a trip to the ER. Maybe two trips, who knows. I love this holiday and can't wait to get on the grill and light everything with a fuse. While I certainly wouldn't encourage you to be unsafe with fireworks or risk injury. I do hope that whatever your plans are you have a very happy and safe Fourth of July spending some time off with friends and family.

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