When it comes to the deepest reaches of YouTube, I have a knack for finding the truly weird stuff. Just like you, I was kind of catfished into watching this. I clicked on what I thought was a Metallica cover, but after the initial realization, I'm pretty happy I got to experience this.

As far as the species of what you're looking at, who knows. The only coast I've ever lived on was the Coastal Bend of Texas, and I don't remember seeing anything quite like this in the market there... but it was mostly shrimp and typical Gulf fare. Makes me miss eating fresh shrimp. Sure, frozen is OK, but there's nothing like fresh shrimp that still tastes like the sea.

For the record, if you head to the store and they have a display of thawed shrimp, take a hard pass. Freezing shrimp is a necessity if you're not near the docks they were dropped at, and shrimp do very well in the freezing process. It's the thaw cycle that things get gross, here's why... Odds are, if you're buying shrimp in the store, it arrived at that store frozen either from the moment it was caught or very soon after. When you thaw shrimp out to display, unless people buy it all, the leftover thawed shrimp have to be frozen again. This freeze/thaw cycle can allow bacteria and micro-organisms to develop, and if you've ever had seafood-poisoning, it's not a pleasant experience. If you're in the mood for seafood, buy it frozen, deal with it at home. Even if you want your shrimp tonight for dinner, either buy it early enough to let it thaw in the fridge, or pop those frozen bits of awesomeness into a sandwich bag, and let them thaw in cold water. You do not want to just toss shrimp into cold water. They absorb that water, and will come out with a weird texture.

Also, if you're looking for a solid and quick way to cook these bad boys, toss them in olive oil, skewer them, sprinkle some Cajun seasoning on them and grill one minute on each side or until translucent.

If you think Cajun seasoning begins with Tony and ends with Chachere, you've lived a very sheltered life. It's not bad for run-of-the-mill generic Cajun flavor, but you can do better. You just need some Ball's. Slap Yo Mama is decent enough, but it ain't Ball's... and while Louisiana may be famous for Tabasco, if the hot sauce doesn't say Louisiana in the name, it's not hot sauce.

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