Whatever you do don't forget about dear old dad, this Sunday (06-21-20) is Father's Day. As crazy as this year's been with the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else you might be facing a much tighter budget, or you're quickly running out of time to shop for dad. Maybe you're drawing a blank as to what to get him this year and need some suggestions. Well luckily for us YouTube channel Saira Art & Craft have some great DIY gifts for dad that won't break the bank or take a ton of time to do. Plus a homemade gift says more and dad will definitely love it!

This is the second video we've posted from Saira Art & Craft that features Father's Day DIY gifts. If you'd like even more ideas for dad you can watch the first video here. Both have some pretty cool card and gift thought starters and from the looks of it I could even make some of these for my dad. Plus if you're stuck at the house and have the time this would be the perfect solution for your Father's Day gift and it'll help with the boredom as well. Let's face it you can only binge watch so many shows and movies before it starts getting really old. So take a quick brake from the TV or games and make dad a one of a kind, straight from the heart gift this year.

Whatever your plans are for this Sunday I hope you, your father and all your family enjoy the day. The weather is supposed to be nice so along with the gift or card maybe hit the grill and give day a meal and movie to go along with it. At the very least give dad a call or stop by and see him. Happy Father's Day!

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