YouTube channel Saira Art & Craft has come to the rescue for this year's Father's Day gift ideas. This Sunday (06-21-20) is Father's Day, don't forget about dear old Dad. Now if like me you've been stuck working non-stop or stuck at the house due to COVID-19 and need some inspiration, just hit play. This year's budget for Father's Day is pretty much non-existent. Most of the cash went to food and bills, especially with the family being at the house all day everyday eating everything insight. To be fair I'm just as guilty, so much for my boyish figure...

With these DIY Father's Day gift ideas you can make dad a special straight from the heart gift or card and it won't set you back much. I'm a dad myself and would love to receive any of the gifts shown in the video. I don't want or need much, most Father's Days I like to grill out and of course there's always a John Wayne movie marathon going on all day long. Then in the evening we switch gears and the B-Horror films start playing, the entire family just loves that. It's like a never ending dad joke. Yes the movies I enjoy are that bad. The badder the better I always say.

So if you're stuck at the house or flat broke you can still do something for dad this year and believe me he'll definitely appreciate it. At the very least give him a call or if you can drop by and check in. My favorite Father's Day gifts have all been homemade. From cards, pictures to sandwiches I've loved them all!

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