If you've been driving for any length of time I'm sure you know the unspoken and universal warning for speed traps and police ahead, the flashing of headlights. Most people have done it and have even been saved by it.


But by doing this are you breaking the law and could you get into trouble for warning other drivers of law enforcement and speed traps? This is the question a lot of Oklahoma motorists are seeking answers to.

So are there any specific laws in the Sooner State that prohibit drivers from warning each other by their flashing headlights? The quick answer is no. However, there are state laws that cover vehicle headlamps.

Watch the video below for legal insight on the legalities of flashing your headlights

The laws on the books in Oklahoma about vehicle headlights have to do with the use of actual flashing lights. State law prohibits them other than official use by police, emergency, or other state-approved vehicles.


There are also laws that cover the requirements for headlamps on vehicles and their operation at night, during inclement weather and anytime reduced visibility is an issue. But nothing about flashing your lights.

Is it against the highway code? Some say yes, but over the years it's been ruled as free speech and protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by most states if not all states. So it's not truly illegal.

Texas attorney Matthew Harris discusses the laws about flashing your headlights

Now that's not to say that drivers haven't been pulled over, ticketed, fined, and even arrested for flashing their headlights to warn others of speed traps and police. It's happened, but most of those cases were dismissed.

While it may not be illegal it's certainly frowned upon by law enforcement and may cause you to get pulled over by an angry cop. If that happens remain calm, don't escalate the situation, and attempt to corporate.


Don't give any reason to be charged with obstruction or interference, which could be threatened but is a total stretch in this situation. Also, please keep in mind I'm no attorney so don't take any of this as legal advice.  

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