As I was standing in the Orlando International Airport's security bullpen awaiting my turn to be felt up by TSA last week, one thought kept running through my mind.

If the airport has fifteen miles of fence line, what makes authorities think a security threat is going to walk right through the front door? As our plane lifted to altitude, that thought started to focus on Fort Sill.

Fort Sill has gone through some changes over the last decade, specifically pertaining to who can get on post and the security checks required to do so. While the community grumbled a little bit over the whole ordeal, it made logical sense to secure our military post.

If you want to visit now, you must obtain a pass at the visitor center before being allowed into the military installation. Sometimes when you enter, a quick check of your vehicle to ensure you're not transporting banned items such as weapons, but what are the odds a terrorist plot gets foiled by the private security working the front gate?

Fort Sill has give-or-take 80 miles of fence line around the perimeter. Most of the fence line that is easily visible to the public is either eight-foot tall chain link or stacked and stucco'd masonry topped with razor wire. It seems pretty secure from the outside looking in, but what if you get off the beaten path?


If you were to continue down Rogers Lane passed the big turn toward US-62, it becomes a gravel road and Fort Sill's fence looks more rural than anything. A few strands of barbed wire over wire panels that seem more adept to keep out livestock than a person with ill will and trouble on their mind.

From my time spent on post, I get that there are check-points and tons of gates to control movement from any given locale to another... but if a person meaning to do harm can easily just hop over a short fence to gain entry, why would anyone expect a real threat to come waltzing through the front door?

More or less, is the ultra-slim chance, which happened literally once in American history, some idiotic imbecile will try sneaking a defective shoe bomb onto an airplane seriously the reason I get my manhood manhandled every time I try to fly?

Bank robbers don't usually stand in line. Could it be the government is selling a sense of security rather than actual security?

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