Though it hardly seems like two hours will be enough to cover the 'Fringe' team's epic final battle against the Observers, this Friday will see the cult sci-fi series come to a close with a two-hour series finale event consisting of episodes "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate." Before the Observers get their due, however, the team will first have to recover the mysterious child Observer "Michael," now in the villainous Captain Windmark's custody? Catch a sneak peek at 'Fringe's' series finale with two all-new clips inside!

As simultaneously anxious and sad as we are to see 'Fringe' reach its series finale with this Friday's two-part event "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate," we're confident the series will deliver a satisfying conclusion. To that end, FOX has released two new clips from the finale's first hour "Liberty," which see the team desperate to recover young Michael after the tense events of "The Boy Must Live."

In the second sneak peak at Friday's finale, Windmark attempts to examine the boy himself, only to find his trademark mental probing skills rather ineffective. Hopefully, that won't be the last bloody nose Windmark suffers before the end of the series.

Will the team's plan succeed in finally ridding the planet of the Observers for good? Will there be any major losses to the 'Fringe' team in the process? Check out two new sneak peeks from "Liberty" below, and give us your 'Fringe' series finale predictions in the comments!

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