Yesterday morning I got a big surprise when I went down to the parking garage here at the studios. A family of grey or maybe even red foxes were camping out in the garage. Unfortunately I scared them when I came downstairs so they all took off. There were ten of them total, two adults and eight babies. They must have had a litter nearby and were out looking of food. Before they left I managed to get some pictures as proof.

Surprisingly they actually stuck around, or at least in the general area for several minutes before running off. I didn't get a picture of the pups, they took off with mom or dad pretty quick, but several others saw them in front of our building and all along D avenue. Not too sure where they're living. More than likely under a house somewhere.

I'm not too sure if they were grey or red foxes. They looked brown/grey but a red fox can be the same coloration, even black or all grey. Either way it was cool to see them all, even if they were breaking into our garage. Over the years we've seen just about everything here at the studios. The underground parking garage seems to be the perfect hang out for all kinds of wildlife and domestic animals.

We've seen armadillos, raccoons, opossums, birds, cats, dogs, snakes you name it. One of my favorite garage stories from work was when I trapped a opossum in a trash can to take it out to our transmitter site to let it loose. It had been hanging out in the garage for a few days and I scooped it up one morning on my way in.

I had to get some work done before I could take it to the country so I left it downstairs in the trash can with some water. Later that day several people commented that it almost bit them. They were trying to pet it, that's hilarious! I literately had to hang a sign "Wild opossum will bite." I took him and let him loose later that day after a few laughs. It surprises me how many people think wildlife is like a Disney film...It's not!

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