If you didn't know, or rather like me, had no idea, June is the LGBT pride month this year. According to Google, it was picked to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969, something you can read up on here. Never to let a holiday go by without giving you a reason to spend more, companies across America are putting their advertising dollars into convincing the public how much they care about pride month... but just about every consumer is smart enough to see right through it.

People all across the web are calling out these media and company giants on their 'sudden interest' in the LGBT community. In reality, these companies are probably watching closely what's happening to Chik-Fil-A's across America. Forced and court-enforced closures and outright bans because they're too religious. So companies like AT&T have hopped out there with a new rainbow logo for the month. Perhaps it's to cut the social-justice-warriors off at their knees, before the silence becomes roaring hatred. It seems like a nice gesture, but there are hoards of current and former AT&T employees on sites like Reddit and Facebook calling them out on it. Most of the bigger companies are experiencing the same thing. They try to open up a new revenue stream into a new demographic, and there always seems to be employees there to set the record straight.

Maybe we, as humans in this tech world, have just become so jaded to advertising. It's in every facet of life. On the tube, your phone, the mailbox, you can't even see a movie without product placement and literal commercials mixed in the trailers. It was normal, but we all got used to a world without advertising when you pay the premium price. Just imagine how great services might be if companies put that advertising dollar into basic maintenance and upgrades, letting the service sell the service like it used to. That would be something to write about.


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