GameStop will soon be following in the footsteps of Best Buy and other major retail chains by introducing their own line of credit cards.

According to leaked pictures of marketing documents obtained by Destructoid, GameStop will soon be unveiling some new financing options, said to link directly to the company's pre-existing Power-Up Rewards program. We must note that these cards are going to have a staggering 26.99% interest rate. If this is anything like Best Buy's system, a lot of their financing options will offer no interest for a certain amount of time. As long as you pay off the card's balance before the time is up, you'll never see the interest at all. Still, that's an awfully high percentage to have to worry about.

We understand that GameStop is trying to compete in multiple areas, and we're sure that some folks will jump on the chance to own a piece of plastic proving they owe the gaming retailer money, but Best Buy and other chains have these cards for big ticket items like appliances and home theater systems, not $60 video games and $300 consoles. If you're going to GameStop with the need to finance items like that, perhaps your money is better saved for something more important. We don't want to tell you what to do -- it's just a little advice from your friends at Arcade Sushi. We care about you, dear readers. We care a lot.

Of course, this means that GameStop employees will now have to ask you about trade-ins, pre-orders and this new credit card during every transaction they get.

We'll have more on this story when GameStop officially announces this "interesting" initiative.

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