There's a lot that goes into the production of a Ghost concert. The Swedish heavy metal band makes sure their shows are intricate and exciting, and now fans can get a taste for what goes into these vast displays, dramatized with a bit of humor. Ghost have finally publicly released their mini documentary The Devil's Hands, after showing it at various fan gatherings last year.

Going into the documentary, one should be aware that the actual members of Ghost are barely in the video at all. Instead, we follow the group's various crew members, including their tour manager, backline tech and more as they run through their role in Ghost's live production. Each member of the crew goof off throughout the video, including a NSFW shot of one member's... member, and one of the clergy's bare ass in full view of the camera. Jokes and lewdness aside, they go through how Ghost have a very specific rig that sets them apart from other bands, bringing their vision to life for many fans.

The short film concludes with a quick look at the band's dressing area, which includes separate rooms for Papa and the rest of the band, as well as a "cat petting room" and a sauna before they gear up to play. Why not, right?

Ghost have been keeping the holiday season exciting, with a recently released live album Ceremony and Devotion. The album captures the band in their element, playing a full-set from front to back along with several videos detailing the performance in action. It's digital only currently, but will be coming out on CD and LP formats Jan. 19.

Watch The Devil's Hands above.

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