By most accounts, security was pretty tight at this year’s Lollapalooza — and fortunately, even when things did get a little out of control, little or no landscaping was destroyed — but a few unsavory characters still managed to slip in. Just ask the 11-year-old girl who lost her beach ball and ended up with a sore stomach.

The Chicago Sun-Times broke the sad story, which began innocently enough — with a woman and her daughter spending the day together at the festival, where they picked up some Lollapalooza beach balls — but took a dark turn shortly after 9PM, when the pair was accosted on the street by two men who demanded their bouncy souvenirs.

As if grown men conducting a beach ball shakedown wasn’t weird enough, things got worse when the woman and her daughter refused to hand them over in spite of verbal threats — and then one of the men punched the girl (who is, we remind you, 11) in the stomach.

Fortunately, a police cruiser happened by the scene shortly after the incident, and after hailing the officers, the woman was able to provide a description of their assailants, who were quickly apprehended (as Spin points out, “probably because they were the only people on East Jackson Boulevard carrying around beach balls”).

With their ill-gotten booty presumably returned to its rightful owners, the men were charged with a list of offenses that includes battery, assault and intoxication by a minor.

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