Kayla Earl an aspiring model and resident of Pleasant Grove, AL hatched what she thought was an ingenious plan to win back the love of her life; however, she might want to put a little more thought into her plan. 

Ms. Earl in her desperation to win back the man she thought was the love her life, concocted a plan that was sure not to fail. Her plan involved a plastic Wal-Mart bag, a graveyard and a false report to police. Almost seems to easy and that is where it all went bad (other than being from Alabama). At 5am on Tuesday Pleasant Grove responded to the call of a fragile young woman who called 911 claiming she was raped. The story began by Ms. Earl stating she went to the graveyard to visit a friends grave and that is when a man grabbed her from behind put the plastic bag over her head and raped her.

The Happy Couple

Police started to dig just a hair deeper into her story and began to notice gaping holes (no pun) in her story. After several more hours of interrogation Ms. Earl broke down and copped to that fact that she had made the entire story up so that she could win her ex-boyfriend back. She also stated that she has been "going through some really tough personal problems lately." The police issued a statement to the community explaining that there not a threat of a man running attack women in their city and that Ms. Earl understands that what she did was irresponsible, translation: stupid cooz had a crap story.