Every year, it seems we all go through the same thing. Most of the people on our gift list are easy to buy presents for. Maybe you remember a detail or conversation from earlier in the year, or perhaps you saw something and instantly knew someone would enjoy it. It's the circle of thought we all travel between Halloween and December 25th... but, there's always at least one person on the list that's hard to pick presents for. I'm that member of my family. I can't tell you how many generic presents I've opened over the years. I'm thankful for the thought, but it really shines a light on how little my own family knows me. I'm not without fault on that same matter though... Every year, I have no idea what to give my niece and newphews, but it's not for a lack of knowing them.

Here's the thing, I'm at a weird crossroads with the family kiddos. I usually make everyones presents each year with my own two hands. The gifts always dazzle as I'll make and remake a present until it's absolutely perfect and bestowing a level of "fine furniture" title. Sometimes it's kooky stuff, other times it's fancy crafted doodads, but it's always something useful and that they'd like to display in their homes. The kids have no interest in that kind of stuff. Worse yet, when I ask them what they want, since their families are so well off, they ask for huge stuff... a new four-wheeler, a gaming pc, a fishing boat, cars, etc... So I end up just giving them all cash, so I know all about hard-to-shop-for people.

Enter The Nut House.

The Nut House is to sweet treats what Meer's is to burgers. Legendary and a must-eat-it at least once. Located in Northeast Oklahoma, it would be quite the drive to pick up some snacks, but again, totally worth it.

The building is a log cabin built over forty years ago to house the pecan processing unit, literally built out of the pecan trees they were harvesting from. It quickly became the home of Oklahoma sweet goods. They've moved beyond just the various ways to prepare pecans and entered the decadent arena of desserts that even the hardest-to-buy-for person in your family would enjoy, because you know, it's Oklahoma born and bred. Native to our state.

If you can't or won't make the drive up to Claremore, believe me, I get that... you can shop online. With ten days to go, it'll be close, but you should be good to go. Here's the link.

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