Photos of vehicles, weapons and gear from Grand Theft Auto Online's upcoming Heists were leaked, getting us even more hyped up to pull off our first big caper.

Twitter user Funmw4 posted a bunch of photos that appear to be future in-game content from Grand Theft Auto Online's upcoming Heists, VG247 reports. These pictures showcase some new vehicles, such as a truck with a machine gun turret on the back, a sleek sedan, a new plane, new motorcycles (which look a lot like the Dyna Glide Harleys from Sons of Anarchy) and more. The team gear we get to see shows a lot of the equipment you'll be using to pull off in these missions, such as a giant, two-handed drill. One screenshot shows a fake ID, a flare gun, night vision goggles and a variety of weapons. Another picture shows thermite charges, a detonator, a laptop, a Guy Fawkes-like mask as well as one similar to what the Joker wore in the opening scenes of The Dark Knight.

The last piece of team gear depicts a machine pistol leaning against a closed parachute. Twitter user iLewisGTA proved the legitimacy of these pictures by mentioning that these vehicles and equipment sets could be seen on the bulletin boards featured in GTA Online's Heists trailer. Funmw4 mentioned that there are five Heist finales for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but questioned that there were six found for last-gen titles, which is peculiar.

While no release date for Grand Theft Auto Online's Heists have been set, they're expected to launch before the PC debut of Grand Theft Auto V on March 24. Call us skeptical, because Heists have been meaning to go into GTA Online for quite sometime. Nevertheless, we'll always have faith in Rockstar, so we know we're in for quality once the Heists are finally added in.

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