Greta Van Fleet have been compared to Led Zeppelin since day one. The connection is seemingly inherent - vocally, instrumentally, aesthetically and so-on, it's hard to not associate the two in some capacity. Jason Bonham, son of legendary Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, has even gone on record saying that the constant dialogue between the two bands "will kill" Greta.

What would you do if you were in Greta's position? In a new interview with FaceCulture, Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka has said that although Zeppelin was influential in the creation of their music thus far, they weren't "an overwhelming influence."

"I think that we've become more conscious of it because I don't think before we ever really realized, in a lot of senses, the similarities or the commonalities that we share with that group," Kiszka admitted. "

He later continued, "But I think that we've become more conscious of the similarities and I think we've taken some time to go back and almost identify with it. 'Oh, It's interesting, because there is a lot of those commonalities.' Even if it exactly wasn't an overwhelming influence of ours, it still was influential and we can certainly see it. But overall, it doesn't really affect the writing of our music."

The band revealed exclusively to Loudwire that their debut full-length has been recorded and will likely see a 2018 release. “We’re in the mixing process, so it’s going to be quite soon,” says Jake. “We’re wrapping it up, so we’re hoping to release that absolutely this year.”

Where do you stand on the Greta vs. Zeppelin debate? Are the similarities too much for you? Or do you appreciate a young band in the world today reaching back taking note's from one of rock's golden eras? Check out the interview in full below and be sure to share with your friends!

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