Massive Red Tailed Hawk Shows up in Downtown Lawton!
Earlier this morning I was in the studio and heard a huge crash against the window. It was so loud and sudden that I nearly fell out of my chair, I wasn't expecting it and it definitely scared me. I opened up the blinds and couldn't really see anything. I was pretty sure it was a bird that…
Woman Plays Dead to Escape Buffalo Attack
The woman in this video is charged by a buffalo and she trips trying to run away from it. So she played dead and it actually worked the buffalo lost interest and eventually walked away. She got lucky, real lucky!
Grey Foxes Spotted In Downtown Lawton
Yesterday morning I got a big surprise when I went down to the parking garage here at the studios. A family of grey or maybe even red foxes were camping out in the garage. Unfortunately I scared them when I came downstairs so they all took off. There were ten of them total, two adults and eight babi…
Coyote Attacks Man While Out Hiking NSFW [VIDEO]
I never really thought of coyotes as aggressive, or at least anytime I've ever encounter one they've all been scared and usually ran off as fast as they could. This guy came across a coyote that means business! At first glance it seems friendly, but not really. He remained clam and managed…
Man and Penguin Are Best Friends [VIDEO]
WARNING: Cuteness overload! Some friendships can last forever! This man saved a penguin years ago and it comes back to visit every year. Who wouldn't want a penguin as a friend, how cool would that be?
Man Makes Friend of Seal That Jumped in His Boat [VIDEO]
WARNING: Cuteness overload! This baby seal just jumped into this guy's boat and it looks like they're quickly becoming best friends. I guess the seal was tired of swimming and decided to take a ride on the boat. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!
Grizzly Bear Vs. Electrified Deer Carcass [VIDEO]
This is amazing! Scientist were conducting an experiment to see if electricity would keep bears away from dead animals. Why? The ideal is hunters could use electricity to protect their kills and reduce their chances of a bear encounter. Well this bear figures a way around the problem pretty quick!
Man Releases Pet Mouse into the Wild, Big Mistake! [VIDEO]
It's definitely not like Disney films! Nature can be a very cruel and unforgiving thing. In the tooth, claw and nail world of wildlife it's truly survival of the fittest! This guy found out the hard way when he released his pet mouse Whiskers into the forest. It was a glorious thing for al…

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