There is a ton of science going on in Antarctica. Has been that way for the last forty years. But there's also a massive amount of blue-collar 'support crew' that work and live on the loneliest continent, doing the jobs that scientists can't. Like trash service, cafeteria and food prep workers, road builders, etc... Obviously you can't pack everything you're going to need for six months in one haul, so there are stores where you can pick up your weekly type stuff, and prices are crazy.

One thing that stands out is the prices of alcohol and tobacco items. They're almost flipped upside down from other isolated places like Hawaii... where beer is cheap, and tobacco is sky-high. You'd almost think it's cheaper to live in Antarctica rather than some massive metropolis like NYC or LA. Pay is also considerably higher, even for the mundane and skill-less type jobs. If you can handle living on the last frontier, you might check out some of the jobs they're looking to fill.

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