On April 15, millions of good little American's filed their tax returns.  And many of you had to send a check along with that return.  Would you like to know where your money is going?  National defense?  Welfare?  Foreign aid to countries that wouldn't wipe their feet on your dead, rotting corpse?  Well, of course all of that is being funded.  But it's just the tip of the iceberg!



1 – $384,949 spent on a federal study that looks at ‘Plasticity in Duck Penis Length’.

2 – $1 million to New York to put up some road signs telling drivers they are spending money on road projects.   Here’s your sign!

3 – $15,000 to an “artist” so he could build a model home out of card board and then burn it down.

4 – $3.4 million of your taxpayer dollars to the state of Florida for an underground turtle tunnel.  Wonder if they’re ninjas?

5 – $1.4 billion of your money paid for the Obama family housing, flying, and entertainment.  Wouldn’t want Michelle to get bored, now would we?
6 – $386,000 of taxpayer money went towards studying the effects of massage therapy on rabbits.   Rabbits getting a massage while you toil away to pay for it.  Let that soak in a minute.

7 – $1 million for the State Department to buy a sculpture of a granite block made up of smaller granite blocks.  People with very expensive degrees are making these decisions.  Chances are, you helped by for their degree, too.  Nice.

8 – $835,000 for a General Services Administration conference in Las Vegas that included clowns and mind readers.  Your tax dollars hard at work in Vegas.

9 – $50 million of your money for IRS conferences from 2010 to 2012, including a $14 million conference in sunny California.  And remember, when you put THE and IRS together it does spell THEIRS.

10 – And $398,990 of your money to conduct a study to see if “Tea Partiers” are dumb. No, actually WE are not dumb.  But you a**hats in DC are absolutely beyond stupid!

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