Back in July we heard news that Oklahoma Legislators were working to end the sales tax on groceries. At that time they announced that they would be conducting a study to see what the possible impacts would be both positively and negatively for the state. Well they've done their research and it's looking like they'll be moving forward with it. Lawmakers will be meeting very soon to draft legislation to end the grocery sales tax.

The Sooner State is only one of thirteen states that still puts a sales tax on groceries, it's around 4.5%. So most of the country isn't taxing people for grocery items, although some states still tax ready made food items. While 4.5% doesn't sound like a lot it would definitely help a lot of Oklahomans when it comes to their grocery bill. Especially low income families or those with limited or fixed incomes like seniors and retirees.

A group of state legislators on both sides of the aisle agree, for the most part and seem to be supporting the idea and plan to write legislation that would put an end to the sales tax on groceries. This could be a piece of legislation that both parties work on together in a bi-partisan effort to make a really positive change in the state. By doing this it would certainly help Oklahomans and even help stimulate the economy and provide economic growth within the state. The grocery budget for most would certainly go a lot further.

Now that the study has been conducted lawmakers are expected to begin work on writing new legislation to end the sales tax on groceries. At a minimum they could re-adjust the Oklahoma sales tax relief credit to better off set the grocery taxes. This hasn't been changed since 1998 and obviously prices and expense has increased a lot over the past 23 years since it was last reviewed and adjusted. Hopefully they'll get to work on this soon so we can start saving at the register and increase our grocery budgets.

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