Two dozen students in a Texas school were divided into two groups by gender and forced to pull down their pants so administrators could try and find the culprit in an ongoing problem with feces being found on the gymnasium floor.

Understandingly, the local community is outraged.

The incident took place in Gustine, a small community of less than 500 people which lies about 90 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Gustine Independent School District Superintendent Ken Baugh acknowledged that forcing children to drop their pants to check for feces went too far and that the district would seek disciplinary action on those responsible pending a full investigation.

Being a father of four, I understand the challenges of dealing with unruly kids. However, how this school has handled this problem is inexcusable. If this happened to one of my kids, I'd be demanding more than a stern disciplinary action; I'd get the law involved and be looking for heads on a plate!

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[via KHOU]

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