Just when you thought you've seen it all, someone delivers a video you never knew you wanted to see. In this case, Chris Hau combines two of his passions -- surfing and playing guitar -- into one impressive GoPro clip.

We've seen amazing guitar work with people playing with their teeth, behind their head and even with their feet, but Hau pulls off an amazing balancing act of keeping himself standing with the waves undulating below his surfboard while not really missing a lick on his Telecaster.

It's safe to say he's double shredding and doing so with a smile on his face throughout. As Hau states in the video above, "It's hard trying to do the song while surfing. There's so many different parts of your brain trying to work at the same time."

Congrats to Chris Hau on pulling off the "double shred." Your turn, guitar players. What's the next impressive feat you've got up your sleeve?

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