The next great surfing sensation has arrived.

A paraplegic woman in Australia has managed to ride the waves by latching onto the back of a surfer.

Pascale Honore, 50, was paralyzed in a car accident almost two decades ago, but that’s not stopping her from getting duct-taped onto the back of 23-year-old family friend Tyron Swan when he goes surfing.

Honore is hoisted on Swan’s back with her legs sticking through cut out for her legs. Then, she’s taped on to him and off they go.

Honore has embraced the experience:

People would say to me, 'Picture yourself walking again.' One day I just told myself, 'Well maybe I could walk one day, but in the meantime what am I supposed to do?' That's when I decided to just get on with it. You either look at what you've got or you look at what you haven't got."

The duo jokes that they'd love to get a sponsor and with the Facebook following that they've cultivated, who knows, maybe it will happen?

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